End-to-end production planning with high consistency and permeability

Making arrangements for limit, bills of material, stock, merchandise development, and creation request execution, is basic for smooth working of any assembling business. In any case, associations don't get to go with precise choices as they faces a few difficulties, for example, manual information passage, absence of coordinated arrangement, absence of continuous perceivability on the creation floor, negligible stock control for overseeing stock levels in a financially savvy and income driving way, absence of perceivability into deals determining and mistakes in planning. ReOnTech, with its mastery in SAP-based frameworks presents to you a coordinated framework that can settle this large number of difficulties and provides you with a solitary wellspring of truth bits of knowledge for proficient and successful creation planing.

Understanding the target market, customer needs, preferences, and pain points through market research, surveys, and competitor analysis.

Establishing clear and measurable goals for the product, aligning with the company's overall vision and strategy

Creating a compelling product vision that outlines the purpose, value proposition, and unique selling points of the product

Identifying and prioritizing key features and functionalities based on their importance, impact on users, and alignment with the product vision

Developing detailed user personas representing the target audience and their characteristics, behaviors, and needs.

Creating prototypes or minimum viable products (MVPs) to validate concepts, test functionalities, and gather feedback from early users

Allocating resources, including human resources, technology, budget, and time, required for product development, marketing, and launch

Identifying potential risks and challenges that could affect the product's success, such as technological hurdles, market changes, or resource constraints.

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